pinner says: Today's project in College Algebra was making the color coded #logarithmic definition patterns "cheat sheets." It worked like a charm! Almost the whole class was engaged and understood how to convert from one to the other! ~Bon

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i wish i didn't get this, but since calculus rules my life and takes up all of my time, i do.

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A table provides the definition and example for four properties of logarithms: product, quotient, power and equality.

derivation of the derivative of ln x using limits d/dx(ln x)= 1/x proof rigorous Calculus AB BC For more cool math videos visit my site at or In this clip we use the limits definition of derivatives to show that the derivative of the natural logarithm of x is 1/x. some key formulas we used includes the properties of logarithms and the limit definition of derivatives. The student will define and apply the properties of limits of functions…

Logarithm Base Definition

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