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Loki and Frigga --- you cannot doubt that Loki loved Frigga, and that she loved him. Loki learned all his tricks from her. She spent time with him. Unlike Odin, Frigga didn't care about blood. Loki was just as much her son as Thor was.

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The absolute worst thing I think Odin ever did to Loki was not allowing him to be there for Frigga's funeral, so he could honor her and say goodbye.....

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Community Post: Reasons Why Loki Is The God Of Your Dreams

Loki And Frigga "I didn´t even Got to say goodbye..."-Snow Whithe "Your my mom " -Henry Mills

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Where you are I will be miles high in the deep. I will take the pieces put them back together. #marvel

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Loki & Frigga. Beautiful animation by Willow S. Linda, tumblr...

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#LokiFeels ;___; This is heart wrenching-- Oh god the Loki Frigason part just

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Tom Hiddleston talks about Loki's relationship with Frigga. Loki and Frigga are both adopted in a sense. Frigga is Odin's 2nd wife and not Thor's biological mom. <<<< why didn't you tell me this; where do you know this from?!

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