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Loki whispers. Is it a sign of emotional immaturity that I laugh really hard at all of these? This one is one of the least ridiculous ones.


Submission: "There’s something about that shyness of yours… Every time your eyes start avoiding mine, every time you turn your face away I lose control of myself; I have to push you against the wall...


"I will show you what it is to be loved by a god of chaos. It is a fierce, intense, unquenchable love. You will know me, mortal. You will be mine." I met his greenglass gaze, unafraid. "You have every right to ravish me, my lord Loki," I said. "I am already wet with desire." A slow smile spread across his handsome face. "Interesting," he mused. "Let me just see if you are telling the truth..."


Submission: “You’re ashamed of your body? My love, your body is perfection. Come to the mirror… See how your waist is perfect for my arms? How the curves of your hips give a perfect hold? How you fit perfectly against me? How your breasts fit perfectly in my hands? And can you feel how much simply caressing your skin excites me? Keep watching. Watch me show you how much I love your form…”