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London Protest Today

I met this goose in London today. He's clearly protesting against Trump. #goose #geese #cute #cutenessoverload #london #stjamespark #stjamesspark #unitedkingdom #uk #animal #animals #animalsofinstagram #geeseofinstagram

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1960s and how the Vietnam war affected it.

This led to the popular slogan which resounds through the 1960′s hippie culture which is ‘Make love not war’

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Harry today in London<---he looks like hes having an intense convo with that lady.

Darcus Howe, British broadcaster, writer & civil liberties campaigner. He is known for his work as editor of Race Today, chair of the Notting Hill Carnival and his Black on Black & Devil's Advocate series. He was a member of the British Black Panthers, the 1st branch outside the US. As one of the Mangrove Nine, he marched to protest against raids of the iconic Mangrove restaurant, as well as organized a Black People's March in protest at the handling of the investigation into the New Cross…

Waves of tens of thousands of Pro-Palestinian terrorists set London and Paris on fire this weekend, calling for the destruction of Israel. They say that Israel does NOT have a right to defend itself from Hamas missile attacks. Do you agree or disagree? #IsraelUnderFire

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Nine inspiring lessons the suffragettes can teach feminists today