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Phoebe Rudomino is a commercial diver and underwater photographer who specialises in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature films, TV and commercials. This photograph is from an advert, and formed part of 2009's 'Water on the Lens' exhibition. She is one of many artists being shown as part of the Out Of Focus exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery, which runs until early November.


Based in Jacksonville, FL, United States, Brandon Kidwell studied English/Philosophy and worked in Corporate Finance with an artistic outlet of beautiful double exposure photography.


Look in, if you ever find me at your door .. look from the eye ring, it's important for me to know that you saw me ..., I will feel you like the blow of the wind...I will...

from Sortrature

Black and White Photography of Beauty and Solitude

Dit is een van mijn 5 beste inspiratie beelden omdat de positie van het meisje heel erg verstoppend en vluchtend is. Lichaamstaal zegt heel veel. Ook de sobere kleuren straalt somberheid en onzekerheid uit.