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Lonely photography girl

love photography pretty winter hair girl music jeans style lyrics sleep landscape cars Grunge dark peaceful rain urban autumn car instagram coat Woods photooftheday fog pale roadtrip soft grunge rainyday bad weather

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A beautiful view, a splash or mist, the sound of the waves and the feel of sun on your skin and scent of the ocean with the taste of the salt:)

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So stand in the rain... Stand your ground. Stand up when it's all crashing down. Stand thought the pain you won't drown.. And one day what's lost can be found. So stand in the rain..

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'She was made of magic, that only I could see.' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #quote #magic #dream #forever #beauty

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fall girl road lonely woods trees sweater weather cute photo photography ideas inspo inspiration instagram

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That's the girl I'm in love with. Quiet, confident, and beautiful. They don't get her like I do. They don't see her beauty in her soul, the worry in her eyes, the words from her smile- But I do. ~ Gunther

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When Sleepwalking Turns Dangerous

I walk a lonely road / the only one that I have ever known / don't know where it goes / but it's home to me and I walk alone / I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams

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I saw the blood and broke down. No wonder he didn't want me to see it. The memories were too horrible. I sank to the ground and covered my mouth, preventing a scream. I turned and looked at the open door. He wasn't outside. I prayed he was alright. After 10 minutes, I saw him running back. "Gabs, I told you to stay upstairs." He whispered when I noticed he was bleeding. I was too weak to move. Even though he was hurt, he pick me up and carried me to my bed. This is why I loved him.

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