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10 Breathtaking Pieces of Love Street Art

You are going to be a great wife, and an amazing mother. I can't wait for those days. The thought of laying my head on your prego belly makes me do happy. Knowing our little life is in there. A life that we will give so much love. I just woke up for a sec to give you some love. I'll be out again in a second. Love you, cakes. Kisses.

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Are You A Princess Or A Queen?

Estrella after the war. Brighter skin however


Daniel F. Gerhartz (1965)

Painting by Dan Gerhartz Sadness! Sitting on the bank if the creek, as the terracing descends

In the freezing winter months this wooden sauna on a Finnish island can be towed like a sledge over a frozen lake to find the right spot for a plunge pool.

The two key factors of the culture of Appalachia are the independence displayed and the constant mutual aid provided to others in the region. There is a sense of equality that exists between the people; this is of course in sharp contrast to the inequality and elitism that exists in other areas of modern society.

....I am in the most beautiful romantic hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia....alone. I missed you enough already, and NOW, it is painful.... Off to river raft the Soca river and hike in the Julian Alps tomorrow...I am so excited! Home soon my love I love and miss you! Im so sorry your sad!!!! I love you and can't wait for you to be back. I will live it in your eyes when you return.......

this wall reminds me of my high school art teacher's classroom. pictures pictures pictures everywhere.

So many people. So many people fit this description perfectly. Its the anxiety that says "oh no, oh no, I have to do something to make them love me." and then the depression is saying "oh they hate me, nothing I do will change it." then the self hate is over there sayin "haha bastard. Its no wonder they hate you. Just look at your self."

"They have all left me...all Please tell me you aren't going to leave me too." "Never."

Thranduil & Elrond at Oropher's Funeral. My dear friend, I know you think that you are not ready to be a king but, you have the blood of your Father You have the blood of Oropher You have the inner blood of royalty , my beloved.

There's no room for anyone else. Do not let people in your past destroy your future, they are in your past for a very good reason.

Dear Husbands, I've heard from your wife---she needs your attention. She tells me she's lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. S...

the realization that we really aren't friends at all... hits hard. we used to be best friends and now we are strangers with memories.

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How Forgiveness Heals - You Must Allow it to Fill Your Heart

I want one in my future backyard...LOVE SWINGING!!