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The ifs and buts of long-term weather forecasting

When looking at the long-term weather forecast I can see fall is definitely here. The temperatures are steadily dropping which means I get t...

This is a neat way to teach about integers. Use the 5 day forecast to challenge the students to find Friday's forecast. You tell them how much it will go up or down and they do the math. Wish I had seen this earlier.


Weather models are still to be updated but the latest long-term forecast suggests the late stages of December are likely to be calm with drier conditions

Find out the weather for your wedding day!! who knows if its accurate, but fun to try! Daily Long Range Weather Home Page


"The launch of GOES-R represents a major step forward in terms of our ability to provide more timely and accurate information that is critical for life-saving weather forecasts and warnings," said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. "It also continues a decades-long partnership between NASA and NOAA to successfully build and launch geostationary environmental satellites."