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LONGER THAN -by dan fogelberg

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Dan Fogelberg - Longer song quotes, music quotes, songs, song lyrics, music lyrics

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Dan Fogelberg is my mom and my aunt's favorite singer. The closest she has come to being a groupie. This is Same Old Lang Syne.

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Dan Fogelberg What a face.....*sigh*

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Omg ... Dan Fogelberg ... What a crush I had on him in college ! Eyes you could get lost in....Love this picture of Dan ... Gone too soon, but your beautiful music will live on for the ages.

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Dan Fogelberg - Rhythm Of The Rain. Great version of this song by one of my all-time vocalists. RIP Dan.

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Longer ~ Dan Fogelberg [ CC ] Written while Dan was on vacation in Maui. He said it was like it was out there, just floating around in the universe and chose him, Dan Fogelberg, to give it a good home. We are happy that he listened to the universe and was in beautiful Maui when it came home to him then to us. That's what it's all about...listening to the universe....It's all there.

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Dan Fogelberg, 1951-2007 - Died at the age of 56 from Prostate Cancer. (my all…

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Longer - Dan Fogelberg

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The quintessential love song, Sometimes When We Touch has been recorded by countless artists from Tina Turner to Roseanne Cash, Rod Stewart to UK performer Tommy Steele. Its been translated into and recorded in Estonian, Tagalog, and Swedish, to name a few. Written by Dan Hill (lyrics, in collaboration with Barry Mann) when he was 19, i...

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Dan Fogelberg Official Website - Martin guitar. Photo by Henry . Used for cover of "Love in Time"album, 2009.

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Dan Fogelberg Death Photos | Paula bonhomme and dan fogelberg) (song innocence dan fogelberg)

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Tribute To Dan Fogelberg - LONGER is inside our wedding bands :)

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Dan Fogelberg - Longer (HD/HQ Sound)

Same old lang syne ... Dan Fogelberg What's not to love

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Dan Fogelberg | Longer | Took a long time to be able to listen to it again, but when I did I only remembered the good times and was glad for those.

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LONGER - Dan Fogelberg....special memories of young first love. Dan was a favorite singer of mine since my high school days

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Leather and Lace - Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

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A wonderful Dan Fogelberg Tribute, worth watching.

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Dan Fogelberg - Longer

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LONGER THAN -by dan fogelberg <3 beautiful love song!!

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longer - dan fogelberg lyrics

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Hard To Say - Dan Fogelberg 2003. . DF comments "This is from The Innocent Age album..It's a little ditty I wrote when my first marriage was disintegrating.'

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Dan Fogelberg - Longer - LOVE this, it was our wedding song! Rest In peace, dear Dan, we all thank you for the music!

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