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Looking For Roommate

blacknerdproblems: Trigger Warning For Sexual Assault There was a point a few years ago where I wanted to be done with period films and TV shows. Either they had so few Black people in them it was as if we were to believe they hadnt been invented until the early 70s. Or the opposite the show was about Black people and was supposed to show the unflinching horror and somehow by movies end the triumph of Black people in the face of evil incarnate. I didnt drift from these movies because of…

Quiet Workout - living on the 3rd floor of an apartment isn't ideal for home workouts. this looks great! Comment, Like, Repin !!!!!!


Looking for Roommate close to northeastern university Housing - $500 on #Explorite via Hi i'm looking for a roommate for the summer. If interested Please message #room #roommate #northeasternuniversity #ma #roomforrent #NEU

Looking for a roommate can be complicated and difficult, but it's very important to find someone you can live comfortably with. Here are some questions to ask when looking for a roommate!

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Silicon Valley's 'Startup Castle' Is Looking for Roommates, and the Requirements Are Completely Bonkers

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Moving to New York Guide has resources to help you: find a great apartment, pick a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and budget, plan your move, find a moving company and get a job in the city.

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How To Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator!

Cool Way to Organize the Refrigerator tips-tricks-diy <-- with a link to the REAL awesome site it came from. I have been looking for these HANDLED bins forever!

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10 Organized Laundry Room Ideas

Okay- a laundry room is a place for work. But that doesn't mean that the space shouldn't be pretty to look at. And organized! So today I gathered together 10 awesome laundry room ideas to inspire you to organize this space in your home. And make it pretty too!