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25 Awesome Rubber Band Charms You Can Make

Whether it’s on your loom, by hand or with a crochet hook, making rubber band charms is fun for both boys and girls!

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Strawberry Loom Band Charm Tutorial, instructions and videos on hundreds of loom band designs. Shop online for all your looming supplies, delivery anywhere in SA.

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Pac-man and his ghostly friends.....Ghost charms are from Made By Mommy. I changed up the bottom of the ghosts from what Made by Mommy - Rainbow Loom Designs had done as she also changed it from some [instead of one cap band around the bottom pegs, I gave each bottom peg it's own cap band wrapped 3 times].....i think this makes the ghost more flowy looking...if thats even a

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Halloween CHARM. Use Made by Mommy Smiley Face Charm pattern. Great with Mady by Mommy Candy Corn, Witch and Ghost.

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Music Lover's Rainbow Loom Charm

Music Lover's Rainbow Loom Charm- awesome video! These would look great on an instrument case.

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How to Make a Skateboard Rainbow Loom Charm

Loom Band Skateboard Charms/ Keyrings - Oh my, SERIOUS cuteness. I love these. Would make a great gift for kids to make their friends!

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Rainbow loom turtle charm I think somebody took the kaleidoscope design and added a head and four legs. I want to try this

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