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."She gave me this look of ultimate sass. A look that just screamed 'Oh, please... tell me more.' A look that was dripping with sarcasm. And I would be stuck with that look on that girl for the rest of my life." #couple1


omfg hers are so gorgeous, hopefully mine will look this good, this is exactly how I want mine bangs and all & her hair is the same length, texture, and thickness as mine


If you want to try a more loose look when it comes to dreadlocks it's possible to jut dread parts of your hair. Here is a pic of @sofiaalindblom showing her hair with mixed loose hair and dreads.


“When it came to Cage West, my mistakes were plenty and my regrets were numerous. If my past were a person, I would grab the throat of that motherfucker, drag her ass down Re-do Street, and once I’d beaten the ever loving shit out of her, I’d stand over her beaten-down, broken body and say: “You stupid bitch. You ignorant, stupid bitch. Love isn’t a fucking answer. It hurts more than it doesn’t, it’s harder than it is easy, it takes work, guts and perseverance.”