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You have to let go some stage


Damn that's the truth, some relationships will never be the same no matter how hard you try.


Difference between me n u I'm blunt and will tell it how it is not hide somewhere and not tell about life events

I went away to remember how to feel and came back to those who have always cared…


We are meant to be, i love you, you mean the world to me... Never let me go, don't give up on me...


As The Years Past On And The Younger I Am Getting...I Have Learned It Doesn't Mean Your Friends Also Grow Along With Me. Behave As Acceptable I Expected Or Have The Parallel Principals, Morals, Values And Wisdom As We Grow To Know As We Grow Through Our Seasons For Some People Just Never Grow Up! IN THE END--I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD NEED TO DROP MY FRIENDS LIKE FLIES FOR WE ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE!!


Do whats best for you and don't care what others might think or say. Only negative unhappy people speak bad about others and they aren't worth giving a damn about. Do what makes you happy.


I did. I put you all first, and watched you walk away. And that's okay. But you don't get to come back when it's convenient just to feel good about yourself. Fuck off... I don't play that way.

from thesassylife

Wednesday Words of Wisdom – September 11, 2013

Never in a million years did I think a friend would steal from me.... my worst enemy hasn't even done something that low.

My entire 8th grade year consisted of me loosing friends and finding myself... This pin perfectly explains what I am tired of and want a change from...