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Lord Shiva History

Coincidence? I'm not a very religious person, but I am interested in History. Vatika - Vatican Krishna - Christ Brahma - Abraham Aum or Om - Amen

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Surprising Facts About Kashi Vishwanath Temple

History of Kashi Vishvnath Temple-


Hindu approach to the human life shows aspiration for balance. For example, the concept of four ashramas (stages of life) has been developed to actualize this need for balance. The same goal has the concept of three vargas (goals of life): artha (success, profit), dharma (consciousness development/ religious duty) and kama (love). In Hinduism these three purposes of life are seen as equal and essential to fulfill. It is said that artha, dhama and kama constitute the one way to moksha.


“RA MA” liberates as he signifies union of Shiva and Vishnu.