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A cheater. No morals...cheated on her spouse (thankfully) AND now cheating on the second loser boyfriend with the first loser boyfriend... Who taught this man/woman morals?! What a gross, disgusting pos!! Only wimpy losers will sleep with that 4x4 dwarf freak! No one of substance would want that trash! Will never marry!! Hahaha forever miserable... Forever alone AND a Broke ass! So deserved! ;)

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speech 7 OMG Now I GET IT ! Anyone can love tumblr !! Where is the one .

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I so needed to hear this. I have this idea in my head that he's living it up without me and soooo happy with my replacement, his new "supply".

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Fyi you little stupid bitch!!! That would be describing your loser boyfriend!!! LMAO

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