When life gets too heavy, give it to the Lord. Be frank and tell Jesus it's more than you can handle.

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I think in one way or another I will never lose hope. #SamuelDeckerThompson @ADudeWritingPoetry

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This explains my life right now...when my ,used to be, best friends thinks I'm a liar and fake and thinks I steal all her friends and ten u try to apologize and she says that she is not ur friends anymore...yea this is my life!

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At the moment I slowly lose hope. My mind is a mess. My body doesn't function right. Gaining weight really fast. It's water because I have a lot of water in my body. I eat clean. It's just horrible. I want to lose weight so bad. But it seems impossible. Thinking about going inpatient. Also want to go to a special lymphatic clinic. I will do what I can to get better. But I hope I won't lose this fight. #depression #anxiety #selfharmmm #selfhate #bipolardisorder #bipolar #sadness #lost by…

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Why My Tears Start To Fall quotes quote sad quotes depression quotes sad life quotes quotes about depression

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Dear God, If today I lose my hope, please remind me that your plans are better than my dream... perfect for today!

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