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15 min PBS video of the Lost boys of Sudan--A profile of Salva Dut, a Sudanese "Lost Boy" who returned to Sudan to help bring clean water to the people of his birthplace.

from National Geographic Society

The Lost Boys of Sudan

Students learn where the Lost Boys are from and how they got their name. Then they watch an excerpt from the film, God Grew Tired of Us, and write about it.


The Good Lie (2014) The Good Lie tells the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan and their effort to assimilate in America. Reese Witherspoon stars.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Lost Boys Of Sudan

from POV | American Documentary Inc.

Lesson Plan: Lost Childhoods: Exploring the Consequences of Collective Violence (Part 3)

Students will list some of the challenges a young refugee might face in the United States, particularly in a large city, and ask how a refugee is like an immigrant and what difference seems most striking.

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The Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan: Book Club for Kids

The Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan: Book Club for Kids. Meeting a lost boy and hearing his story.