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Lost Head Nails

Thank you for leaving- it allowed your pretty girl to become her own beautiful woman. Thank you for never having been mine - it taught me to belong to myself first and always, before belonging to anyone else; thank you for teaching me to never give myself completely - I will never allow anyone to take away all of me when they go, like you did. Thank you

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A Love Like War - All Time Low (Feat. Vic Fuentes) Have A Smoke, Pour A Drink, Steal A Kiss In The Dark. Fingernails On My Skin, Like The Teeth Of A Shark I'm Intoxicated By The Light. In The Chill Of Your Stare I Am Painfully Lost, Like A Deer In The Lights Of An Oncoming Bus. For The Thrill Of Your Touch I Was Shamefully Lust, As You Tell Me We're Nothing But Trouble. <3


Biggest one for me is a lack of responsibility.. living your life without regard and just making foolish decisions and indulgences when you should be working toward stabilizing your life!!!