Rice- radically immature car enthusiast. Real car enthusiasts don't need a loud ass muffler to draw attention to their sexy car! (Classics do not count ;) love a good rumble)

Look at the Pink Duck, Look at the Big Rough Tough Librarian football players and his loud mufflers

Laurie Jean Depies -Laurie Depies, of Appleton, left her job at the Graffiti Store in Fox River Mall. Depies had planned to meet her boyfriend at his apartment at 310 West Wilson Avenue, where he was waiting with his sister and a friend of Depies. About 22:15, the boyfriend heard her car's loud muffler and a door slam when she arrived home, but Depies never made it into the apartment.

The Scatpack got its mid mufflers deleted. This is crazy loud #Dodge #Challenger #Charger #mopar #Ram #Viper #car

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