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Louis Motor

1900 St. Louis - The St Louis Motor Carriage Company was started by George Preston Dorris and John French in 1898. In 1900 John French drove a St Louis from St Louis to Chicago for the first time in an automobile. The company moved to Peoria, Illinois in 1905 as Dorris left to create his own marque. The company lasted until 1907. This car definitely fits into the 'horseless carriage" category. It weighs only 390 lbs. w/ a one cylinder, water-cooled engine and a top speed of 18 mph.


First automobile built by the St. Louis Motor Carriage Company. The car was completed in late April or early May of 1899 and sold to A.L. Lambrechts of St. Louis.

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4.75" Tall St. Louis Motor demonstration apparatus

St Louis Motor Demonstration is useful in demonstrating the operations of motor and generator. Consisting of a two-pole armature mounted between magnets. Steel

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Probably.>>>most likely>>.I love how Niall is just in the back like 'oh shit who's letting Lou drive this boat' and Louis is just like 'I got this!'


Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan! LETS GO RED WINGS! I love this arena. I love Red Wings <3

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mini robot 2nd wire 2

A little motor with a bead or something to throw off the balance, a battery, and some items to decorate are needed to create this little robot.

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Quick & Easy Baggie Maze

Quick & Easy Baggie Maze (Great boredom buster!) from