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"The point of books is to have way too many but to always feel you never have enough." -Louise Erdrich


Louise Erdrich (b. June 7, 1954) is a Native American author of novels, poetry and children’s books. She is an enrolled member of the Anishinaabe nation (also known as Ojibwa and Chippewa), and also has German, French and American ancestry. Photo by Jill Peters.


The Round House by Louise Erdrich – Book 40

The Round House by Louise Erdrich - On a Native American reservation in North Dakota, Joe's mother is brutally raped. Joe tries to deal with the situation, as well as the trials and tribulations of being 13. Just won the National Book Award for Fiction.


A Clear-Sighted and Honest Novel Spanning Generations

Love Medicine , Louise Erdrich’s wonderful novel-in-stories, which won her the National Book Critics Circle Award, is possibly my favorite among all her work. My copy of Love Medicine is underlined and dog-eared because of the many times I’ve reread it. I recommend this book often to friends and students because there is much here to enjoy as a reader and learn from as a writer. It was a great influence on me as I wrote my own novel-in-stories, Before We Visit the Goddess .


Survivance and Storytelling: Erdrich’s Tracks and Welch’s Winter in the Blood