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Louisiana Tax Return

Anybody who is supporting this bastard has no functioning brain or a heart! #FuckTrump #ClintonKaine


How flood victims can claim losses on 2015 tax returns | Louisiana Flood 2016 |

Louisiana has updated its sales tax return to reflect changes made during the 2016 legislative session. ...

Ask your accountant: IRS Provides Tax Relief to Louisiana Storm Victims...


Here’s How Much The Government Shutdown Cost The Economy

Government Shutdown Cost $24 Billion, According to Standard & Poor's |

Joe Moorman (born 1967) is a self-taught American artist from the Mississippi Delta. An engineer by training and experience, Joe's career in fine art began with mosaic and sculpture. (Mosaic and sculpture were what Joe was working on at the time he decided to finally put "artist" for his occupation on his tax returns.) A list of interviews, reviews, shows and installations is available at the artist's publicity page.


Jindal Shreds Obama: Medieval Crusaders Are Not A National Security Threat

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee - "“It’s ridiculous,” Priebus said Friday morning on CNN’s Starting Point, when asked to respond to polls showing that 63 percent of the public thinks Romney should release more tax returns. “I’m not spending any more time talking about this issue,” the Chairman informed the hosts..."

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Hammond, LA

Many potential home buyers are seasonal workers; experience times of unemployment and unemployment benefits can also be considered for qualifying purposes. Unemployment income must be documented for two years, which is usually verified with your federal tax returns and there must be reasonable assurance that this income will continue.