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4 surgeries, my brother's suicide, & being a single mom...yep- a year can do a whole bunch. Thank God for my little one-the reason I am here

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I actually kinda loved that he did this < < < you loved that Josh changed himself to fit for what people had asked for? He said himself that he only did it to give in to the rest, and I wouldn't love that if I were you.

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'Cuz baby, you shock my wild With a sexual electricity extraordinaire Come and take advantage and undress me I don't even know you, I don't even care.' ⚜️PRN.

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Yes missing you a Bit today. Feels A little disconnected. Your not wearing right scarf! ❤

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Wish we could get rid of the justices who don't follow the Constitution!

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Stevie & David Bowie

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Fuse, come together, as one. You feel my breath on the back of your neck, can you hear me? Do you remember?

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Harry Potter

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