L'amour c'est être stupide ensemble. Love is being stupid together. ― Paul Valéry. Follow Talk in French on Pinterest for more #French #Quotes from famous icons.

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Éperdument amoureux (feminine: éperdument amoureuse) | Madly in love | /e.pɛʁ.dy.mɑ a.mu.ʁø/

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5 beautiful poems from great French poets. Happy World Poetry Day! #WorldPoetryDay2016 https://www.talkinfrench.com/french-poems-english-translations/

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le coup de foudre: love at first sight | Here's a great source of French expressions for you: https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-expressions-essential/ Only $3.90!

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Now you can show love and affection to your dear ones with French terms of endearment + download the list in PDF format for free! Check it out at: https://www.talkinfrench.com/french-terms-endearment-loved-ones/

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Tu es l’amour de ma vie. - You’re the love of my life. | Get a copy of the most complete French phrasebook here: https://store.talkinfrench.com/product/french-phrasebook/

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If you love to prepare delicious, colorful lovely french macaroons by yourself, then this is a great stuff for you. Because the macaron kit includes a decomax pen, baking sheet and recipe booklet with a complete step by step guideline. The set also includes a nonstick silicone mat and a cap for easy storage. Price $30.95

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