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Love Words For Husband

No truer words. So thankful for all the change, and for this once in a lifetime kinda love #fcmfmm

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Hoping to find the one who believes the same about commitment, keeping marriage vows, and sticking no matter what. Real love instead of conditional love.

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Yes, You get what You deserve for believing in his lies, for fooling around with him when You knew he was married. He never and will never love You but he used You and that was wrong. For this, I am sorry. Why, because I also know what it feels like to be lied to and used.*

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Devdan Show

...such a beautiful compliment. My wish is for everyone to have someone in their life that makes them feel this wonderful that would that be. :)

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"My love for you spans over the lines of my past, present, and future. You are what I love remembering, what I love experiencing, and what I love looking forward to." - Steve Maraboli #quote

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