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My mom said to stay away from these things but they were out there....Beatles-Yellow Submarine LSD stamps.


ONE IN A MILLION!! New addition to my poison/quack medicine collection! 1947-1959 Sandoz Pharmaceuticals L.S.D. (ACID) UCLA Testing/Research Trial bottle. I knew these had to be out there somewhere but NEVER thought I would find one!! The bottle itself is a very crude, early ABM bottle, mold seem go's all the way up through the lip, also has LSD printed/pressed in the top of cork. Very Neat Bottle!!


Institute of Illegal Images is undoubtedly the largest collection of LSD blotters in the world, owned by the American artist Mark McCloud, who for 50 years is collecting or creating himself the LSD blotters and their illustrations.

from Etsy

Not Digital woodcut

Not Digital - wish my eyes could still focus the way they used too. I miss my old cameras. The photos were absolutely beautiful.


This blotter art to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Albert Hofmann's discovery of LSD. It is designed in the traditional style found on the street: a 7.5 x 7.5-inch sheet perforated into 900 quarter-inch "hits". Dr. Albert Hofmann kindly signed a limited edition of 60 of these pieces of blotter art. Each piece is numbered in the lower left corner and signed by Dr. Hofmann in the lower right. There are 3 prints currently available.