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How To and Benefits of Hair Steaming

Steaming allows you to add moisture to your hair promoting longer and healthy hair growth. When your hair does not receive any moisture and is dry it will become dull, brittle, and break. Hair steaming helps increase the flow of natural oils produced by your scalp. It also helps the oil used for your hot oil treatment to be more effective at lubricating your hair and locking in moisture. The perfect solution for deep condition treatments is to use a hair steam that will lift the hair…

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DryLin W16-A Linear Motion System for Camera Sliders

#tech #lol This #Igus DryLin W16-A dry-lubricated camera slider has an anodized aluminum construction, a 104 x 1,000 mm guide rail, and an adjustable carriage t...

Why Disposable Diapers are Dirty and Dangerous

The dangers of disposable diapers cannot be overestimated. It takes more oil to keep your baby dry than it does to lubricate all the cars you will ever own.

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Benefits of eye exercises: Improves eyesight (short and farsightedness) Soothes tired eyes Lubricates dry eyes Relaxes overworked optical nerves Relieves irritability and itchiness Improves eyesight Alleviates tension headaches and insomnia Helps people of all ages Helps people with Prevents glaucoma and cataract

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Southwire 13054272 Underground Feeder Cable by Southwire. $144.05. Type UF B cable is designed specifically for use as underground feeder cable for direct earth burial in branch circuits, and indoors for wet or corrosive locations. Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosive fumes, chemicals, lubricants, and ground water. It is noncorroding, sunlight resistant, and will not support combustion. UL listed. 400' spooled.

Igus DryLin W1040-A Linear Guide Camera Slider by igus Inc.. $93.83. This Igus DryLin W1040-A dry-lubricated camera slider has an anodized aluminum construction, a 1,000 mm long guide rail, and an adjustable carriage to mount video cameras for sliding and panning shots. With a 1,079 lb. static load capacity for supporting camera weight, the slider is dry lubricated for oil-free, low maintenance care, and its anodized aluminum construction is light in weight and resists corros...

10-Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips

Simple solutions to household headaches that take 10 minutes or less - these house repairs are quick and easy

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Pedro's Ice Wax is a dry lubricant that does not attract dirt. Multiple applications build up a lasting barrier to metal-on-metal contact. Ice Wax is a universal lube that lifts dirt away For use in dry to damp conditions

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel 240ml `0007-TEND 8OZ Excellent lubrication means that this sensational shave gel doesnt dry out! Air Shave Gel doesnt lather and is so effective at reducing friction, youll be less likely to cut or scrape the skin, so min

herbal pigment oil aims to revise the appearance of pigmented areas such as dark circles underneath and around the eyes. herbal pigment oil can also be used to help lighten dark patches on the knees and elbows as well as scars that have darkened in the sun. Apart from working to even skin tone, herbal pigment oil is also a superior lip nourishing oil that can smooth and lubricate dry lips in one application.

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