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"Cecellia? Cecelia!!" Theoden's rough hand cradles the fragile face of the warrior princess. Her own hands despreratly clawing for a hold, while her legs give way beneath her. In one swift motion she lies in his arms, eyes fluttering, than finally closing. As they both begin to be covered in an gory layer of blood Kipling realises how tragic their situation could be. How long had she been hiding her wound? How much longer could he keep her breathing?

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Good Luck Bar. Los Angels. (Los Feliz—not Chinatown.) Shows up in the credits of HBO's horse racing show Luck.

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"I became an actor because I believed I was a failure. In acting, because so few of us ever get work, I could feel proud and fail with dignity. I was born into what I now know was a dysfunctional family. I found that out in therapy three weeks ago." - Dustin Hoffman

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"Any fool with a bit of luck can find himself born into power. But earning it for yourself, that takes work." - Lord Varys #GameofThrones

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