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Here’re awesomely simple Chinese Feng Shui Lucky Coins placement tips to help attract money & wealth; covering wallet, door, office & MORE!


In keeping with our Zen wedding theme of the week, we would like to show you how to make lucky bamboo wedding party favors.  You might not realize this, but the plant is actually not bamboo at all,…

from Etsy

Valentine's Day Lucky Bamboo Tall 2 Heart Arrangement in Double Elephant Ceramic Vase

from Home

How to Use Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui

Bamboo plants are considered lucky when it represents all 5 feng shui elements: 1. WOOD= bamboo 2. EARTH = rocks 3. WATER= in the vase 4. FIRE=tie a red ribbon or thread 5. METAL= glass is metal in FENG shui. If container isn't glass, add metal coins or a figurine. Plant must be given as a gift. If you make it gift it to the house. NUMBER of STALKS have different article