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Lucy (2014)

Super au début, mais s'épuise vers la fin... On a l'impression que Luc Besson voulait surtout mettre en spectacle les pouvoirs fantasmés d'un cerveau super évolué. Mais ce spectacle est super, vraiment!


If you’re looking for a scientifically accurate story, this one is definitely not for you. There are a lot of plot holes and loony leaps of logic, but if you just go with it, Scarlett is very easy to watch and the scenery is fun (Paris, Taipei). It isn’t deep but it is pretty entertaining. Read our review.

Lucy Movie (I was on the fence about adding this one to 2014 watched favorites, but I'll add it on)


Errors in Lucy movie. While I cannot prove these, this is the interesting information I have found about information regarding the movie.

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18 Reasons Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy" Is A Future Stoner Classic

There’s more eye and space imagery than Cosmos. | 18 Reasons Scarlett Johansson’s "Lucy" Is A Future Stoner Classic