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Grilling Smackdown: Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes

Charcoal - Lump vs Briquettes Swapping from Cowboy Charcoal to Royal Oak Lump. Cowboy has become too inconsistent: too much dust and extra large chunks. The bags have been made smaller and the price went up.

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Primo Natural Lump Charcoal

Use Primo Natural Lump Charcoal to fuel your Primo Grill. Natural lump charcoal burns cleaner, hotter, longer and produces less ash than briquette style charcoal. Each bag contains 20 pounds of lump charcoal.

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Primo 100 percent all-natural lump charcoal is the premium choice fuel for grills and smokers. It lights faster, burns hotter and longer, and produces less ash than traditional briquette style charcoal.

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All about charcoal briquets (or briquettes), hardwood lump charcoal, and whole wood charcoal, how it is mad, how to use them, and which is better.

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Bayou Classic 18lb Lump Charcoal

Find product information, ratings and reviews for a Bayou Classic Lump Charcoal.

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