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Lumpwood Charcoal

Supagrill Lumpwood Charcoal - 10kg


Charcoal Stove (Rocket stove)

Good for barbeques. Easy to light and fires up fast (it’s called the Rocket Stove for a reason). Will light in the wind.   Cook withLarge frying pans, heavy stewing pots, saucepans and grills. You can control the heat with the vent doors on the front.    Best forCampers, festival goers and street food chefs, (you can use it all day). FuelAny good lumpwood charcoal. And the restComes with a year’s warranty, full instructions, and you can order and replace all parts of the stove. Available in…

How to light Lumpwood charcoal with lighting blocks

How to light Lumpwood charcoal with strikeable firelighters.

How to light Lumpwood charcoal with lighting gel

Jim Beam 3kg Oak Lumpwood Charcoal with Chips. Can be found on level 1 in Robert Dyas

Dirty Steak - How to cook the most amazing steak, Ribeye "Dirty" style...straight on the coals, Use only Lumpwood Charcoal not briquettes!


Basic blade making techniques

Blacksmithery on the barbecue? - yes, this really works!Here's how you can make the quality steel that is found in bicycle parts live on, by forging it into blades to create useful tools. The best thing though is that this can be done on a normal barbecue using lumpwood charcoal and a camping airbed inflation fan as a bellows. It is very satisfying.Video: superfast skim through the various forging, grinding, carving, sanding and polishing involved, and showing which reclaimed materials were…


Bar-Be-Quick Lumpwood Charcoal 5kg - 12 pack