dealing with SPD....this is how are kiddos feel at many times & in turn this is how I feel when I am helpless to make it better
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Learn what the 0 to 10 pain scale really means and how to use it most effectively so that your pain is taken seriously. #fibromyalgia

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A special shout out to EVERYONE who's having a flare... And having a BAD lupus day & In a insane amount of pain!!.. I know you are exhausted, swollen, hair falling out,and still pushing,faking like you are fine just so you won't worry others!! WE WILL FIND A CURE!!.. Well more like a way that you won't suffer as much! I love you all and I have your back❤️ #staystrong #lupussucks

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And don't forget; feed the pets then the chicken (and gather the eggs), a load of laundry,, pack lunches, and cook supper.

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Highschool AP, prepare to bow down to me! Not only will I finish, but I shall persevere and succeed!

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