These homemade Lush shower jellies are so much FUN to make and super easy too! Not to mention so much cheaper than the store bought version!

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So bummed that they discontinued this. It was amazing. I still have a jar in my shower I have been hoarding. The scent is truly incredible--like fresh jasmine! It works great as a shampoo though, oddly...! You can freeze it and it won't freeze solid ...just get uber cold. Also they don't use real gelatin to make these.... these are actually Vegan, @RoyalSheIs

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Lush Shower Jelly | Strawberry Twin Tub, Deep Sleep, Party On, Calacas, Woosh, Joy of Jelly

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I had this once and still have the container on my desk with glittery string in it

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Citrusy vanilla showers It’s just what you hope to find at the end of a rainbow – a Pot O’ Gold! This Shower Jelly is packed with fresh ingredients like pineapples and oranges to soften and cleanse your skin, as well as a hint of vanilla to give it a soothing touch. We’ve also filled this little pot with a shimmering luster to leave your skin kissed with a bit of gold.

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Lush Shower Jellie... never tried it but it sounds amazing. It's supposed to smell fruity. ALSO it has glitter...WHAT?! I'm sold!!!

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Needles and Pines Shower Jelly: An infusion of pine needles and cypress leaf combines with pine nut oil to create the scents of verdant Finnish woodlands while transporting your mind to a peaceful place.

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