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It's funny being an adult still having "friends" that can't be honest. Life is short. Why waste any time lying about your true feelings?


65957d2e93d3cc87bdd130e4bc11179d.jpg (236×334) "Not telling me something or hiding something on purpose is just THE SAME THING as lying"

from After Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse – Why Does It Take So Long to Heal?

Dear ex best friend, Oh and especially when you lied to my mom to get sympathy for yourself and even turn my own mother against me. I wish I'd known you were bat-shit crazy and manipulative when I met you. Love, The girl who will never forgive nor forget..totally relatable or when "family" tries to dupe ya. Bye


What a fool I was lying and defending him when everyone was telling me the TRUTH!! Liar, cheater, destroyer. BUT I forgive myself. I didn't know any better at the time. Now I see him for what he really is. Just like everyone else did long ago. BV. JDS

It's amazing how some people can continue to lie in your face repeatedly when you already know the truth. Be careful, these are the same people that will tell you their your friend.