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Get Ready To Be Obsessed With Werewolf Cats

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I'm not a fan of the "naked" cats but this is a cool breed of cat,the lykoi. (I might have misspelled it.)

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Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

Lykoi cats are a new breed of cat. They are under a natural mutation & they cost about $3,000 for one. c


12 Facts That Are Probably News To You - The World Around Us #lykoi - See more at!

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Get Ready To Be Obsessed With Werewolf Cats

Get Ready To Be Obsessed With Werewolf Cats #refinery29 Very. Serious. Werecat. Business....

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“Did you just call me ugly?” - Bloopers - Lykoi kittens by Brittney Gobble

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While Lykoi cats look like they could be wild and feral cats, they reportedly have a friendly hound dog personality, are driven by scent and are very intelligent. Read more at:

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Lykoi Cats The Werewolf Cat Everything You Need To Know

While these cats are super cute, there are a number of concerns about ... #lykoi - See more at!

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There’s a new breed of cat silently lurking in the moonlight: the Lykoi, or Werewolf Cat (lykoi from the Greek word meaning “wolf” – so, literally, ‘wolf cat’). I kid you not, this a real “up-and-coming” breed of cat that’s being developed by a group of breeders who initially worked with hairless cats.

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