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Baking soda is AMAZING! Here are the health benefits: Supports healthy detoxification, regulates pH levels, can be used with MRI to detect cancer, slows cancer growth, decreases the rate of lymph node involvement & reduces chemoresistance during conventional treatment! Click through to find out more! PLUS, the Baking Soda Protocol. Please re-pin to support us on our mission to educate, expose, and eradicate cancer! // The Truth About Cancer


Anatomy of Lymphatic Drainage Massage Chart. This shows the lymphatomes and watersheds as well as the location of major lymph nodes.

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Lymph Nodes: Locations and Functions

Lymph Nodes -This article explains what lymph nodes are, what they do, and why they are important in cancer.


Use very carefully if you have metastatic cancers. This may release cancers that are "hiding" Always check with your doctors.if they haven't heard of it, get to a bigger hospital. EO's help,cancers so much, but we want the right effect.


Cleavers may be growing in your backyard. They 'cleaver' to things, clothes and such when you walk by. Very good tea for ulcers and lymph support.


Ok, so this is a god send. I do a detox bath like this one twice a week for 1 hour at a time. Each time I do it, I lose 2 or 3 pounds. AND I NEVER GAIN IT BACK. It even works with just plain ginger and really hot water. Now go take a bath ASAP!