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Feb 27, 2013 - "No Love for Obama in Newport News, VA - The news of Nerobama's visit to Newport News, VA, today to grandstand on the issue of sequestration, wasn't well received by skilled workers and other citizens of that city, who are suffering as a result of the Administration's murderous policies."


This Week's Asteroid Toutatis Passing Earth Spotlights Question of Planetary Defense; UN Conference Set For February 2013

Obama's 9/11 Coverup is Collapsing, Escalate for Impeachment Nowby Jeffrey Steinberg In a matter of days since the beginning of mass circulation of Lyndon LaRouche’s statement, demanding Obama’s immediate impeachment for his complicity in the new 9/11, the White House/Obama campaign cover-up of the truth about the Benghazi attacks has disintegrated. Yesterday,


On Sunday, China echoed what Lyndon LaRouche has been saying for months — that Obama is so exposed and isolated internationally that he is finished politically, but even more dangerous as a result, since his only option (other than resigning) is to launch a war on Russia and China, a war that...

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The Road to World War 3: Ukraine, Russia and American Imperialism!

10/13 ▶Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Lyndon LaRouche to discuss the realities behind the issues facing America today and how a slow and steady process has brought this reality to bear. --- WOW! LaRouche: Obama's Policies Are MASS MURDERING Americans - IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! - YouTube