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Macarthur Park Lyrics

"MACARTHUR PARK" -One afternoon Webb casually sat by and observed a birthday party in the park, and a sudden cloudburst soaked an elaborately decorated cake that had been set out. Inspiration struck and a tortured metaphor was born.


Richard Harris - MacArthur Park ** Memories of my lunchtime at McArthur Park when I used to work at Lester-Ryons on 6th & Flower St. I liked talking to the old people there feeding the ducks. I didn't realize how soon time would place me in their shoes.


Stop hating on MacArthur Park by Jim the hit songwriter himself sings his classic song and it finally makes sense. He wrote this about breaking up with his girlfriend in MacArthur Park. One of his most famous songs, it's interesting to listen to the words in this quirky song.


2010 Vermilion Sailor Alumni Band - Practice - MacArthur Park - Drum Break