Oh so true. You're living in a lie. I don't know how you could ever be happy. But you just lost your family and best friend. And maybe even more down the road if you don't change.

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I believe many people feel like God is mad at them. One day I put a post on Facebook that said, 'God is not mad at you.' Within a few hours, we literally had thousands of positive responses from people saying things like, 'That is exactly what I needed to hear today.' Obviously, this is a message we need to hear. #Positive #PositiveQuotes #quote #quotes

The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. Quotes About Truth And Lies By Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Friends And Families

They dont have good intentions. They're hurt & hiding something. They're secretly in love with you or mad at you about something they dont wont to say. I love looking people in the eyes. Let me read those eyes of yours. With or without your eyes im still great at reading energy & vibes. They dont call me #scan for nothing by scandaloustg

falling apart, nobody sees or they just don't care, no-one to talk to -- i'm alone & the really sad thing is that there is someone here and i'm still alone.....

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On this week's podcast, I'm GOING OFF about what to do if someone is pissed at you... Do you apologize? Try to smooth things over? But, what if you don't even feel like you did anything wrong? What then? Still apologize? Spoiler alert: Fuck. No. If you have a struggle with people being upset or mad at you, have a listen and learn: 1) How to give yourself the permission to be totally hurt and bummed out when someone is upset with you 2) How to know if you should listen to anything the

Love this image. Definitely be careful. Not everyone are as they seem. Don't trust too much.

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