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Hey I'm Madison I'm 17 and single I have 1 sister named Loren and 2 brother named Blake and Cameron there both awesome!-Madison

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Madison Beer ] "Hey, the names Madison. I'm as cold as ice. My snapchat is @whosmb. Go follow me." I roll my eyes. "I really want to get into jack gilinsky's heart so if you see him send him my way."

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madi: "Im going to have a party tonight! Let me know if youre coming, and bring a swimsuit too." I smile.

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Hey I'm Cade. I'm 17 and single as a pringle *giggles* I'm really shy, but I'm into like bad boys I guess *blushes* I like to skate and surf and cuddles are always good um Introduce?

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*i was looking online and happens to see what someone posted on the blog* I'm not a Diva!!*holds tears back when i hear a knock on my door* who is it.....-Madison

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