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Alphonse Gabriel Capone, más conocido como Al Capone o Al Scarface Capone, apodo que recibió debido a la cicatriz que tenía en su cara, provocada por un corte de navaja, fue un famoso gánster.


Outfit's Cicero boss in the 1970-80's Joe Ferriola.


Nick Ferriola son of Joe Ferriola is now a boss of the Chinatown/26th Street Crew.

Outfit Hitman Phil Alderisio (in back), Irv Weiner (left with cigarette in mouth) and lawyer exiting a plane.

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Leo Forman murdered by Tony Spilotro, Charles Crimaldi, Mario and Sam DeStefano for arguing with Sam and kicked him out of his office. They cut chunks of skin from his forehead and hands. When he finally did die, Sam DeStefano was pissed cause it looked like Forman was smiling at him!

Al Capone with Ross Stranger on our way to"Da Rock"! (Artie Quarto Did The Upgrade)