With expert insight on baby name trends and what the names we choose reveal about our culture, name expert and bestselling author Laura Wattenburg has devised a "magic formula" sweet spot where timelessness meets freshness using extensive databanks of research at her site. This list has names of all backgrounds and popularity levels to suit your style.

Magic Names by Barbara Ardinger. Many modern pagans adopt magical names. I think I’ve found one for myself. It’s a good motto, and even saying it aloud reminds me of the daily blessings of the Goddess to her children. The Latin name I’d choose is Beata elle. “Blessed is she.”

Vasudhārā, whose name means 'stream of gems' in Sanskrit, is the six-armed Buddhist Bodhisattva of Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance. She is popular in many Buddhist countries and is a subject in Buddhist legends and art.

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