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from GoBoiano

5 Magical Kawaii Anime Make Up Tutorials

The Kawaii Anime Life is beautiful and magical and full of every mahou shoujo's hopes and dreams, but how do we make these fluffy dreams a reality?


randomredux: donovonshepard: rosalarian: katzevogel: #if i become a magical girl i want this to be my weapon If you were ever wondering what “hard femme” means, this is the very definition. Quartz Knuckles… BRILLIANT! I LOVE the idea of this as a Magical Girl weapon. A dirty-fighting, underhanded, streetwise Magical Girl. A girl Sam Vimes in a skirt.


This is what I have so far for the tattooed magical girls. I'm not sure if I should go on though I'm no longer drawing in a tiny daily planner so it'll look different XD;; there are 5 more girls and there are only so many poses I can put them in to show off the tattoo lol. I feel like I should repost this every once in a while to reclaim it cause for some reason everyone likes to copy this without giving me credit lol. I think I blame Pinterest.... by qinniart


marikapaprika: “ Made this gif of a fiery magical girl for my friends over at Blacklist!! ” Follow @melaninprincess

from Storenvy

Magical Girl ♥ patch from SUGARBONES

♥+Official+Magical+Girl+♥ ♥+3x3+inches ♥+Iron+on+-+Super+easy+to+apply,+but+some+sewing+is+recommended+if+you'll+be+washing+the+item+a+lot.+ ♥+Made+for+any+type+of+apparel-+jackets,+vests,+even+t-shirts,+the+customization+is+up+to+you!