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Doctor Who. And "Digby" sounds like "Digory". The name of the professor in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which takes place during WWII. Digory was the boy in the Magician's Nephew the start of the Narnia series. Coincidence that their names are similar? Maybe.


The Pyramid of the Magician, The Magician’s House, and The Pyramid of the Dwarf are all names for the 115 feet tall grand pyramid of the Maya at Uxmal. Archaeological evidence suggests that the city was founded some time in the 6th century AD. Uxmal means either “built three times” or “what is to come, the future” and is considered today to be one of the most important Maya archaeological sites. Legend is the Pyramid was built overnight by a dwarf that was hatched from an egg.


Looks like Elminster from the forgotten realms. Or some other old wizard with a pipe and staff