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Magnetic Makeup Holder

DIY magnetic makeup display/holder. Glue magnets on back of makeup. Great idea! Now to find a way to keep little lady's fingers away from it.

nicole sometimes thinks.: DIY. magnetic makeup holder

This magnetic make-up board was SO easy to make! I took a trip to walmart and was able to get all the supplies: white erase board and adhesive magnetic circles for under 5 dollars. Stick the adhesive, magnetic strips on your makeup and let it sit for a few minutes & you have a perfect makeup board!

I might have already pinned this but I just think its brillllliant. Add some kind of jewelry holder/rack/hooks and its perfect

5 Fantastic Bathroom Organization ideas by Glamour: 1. Ikea spice racks for hair products 2. sticky organizers on inside of med cabinet for makeup 3. magazine holder on inside of sink door to hold hairdryer 4. magnetic board to stick your magnetized beauty products up to 5. office supplies holder to tidy up small toiletries

Magnetic Makeup Board with magnetic pencil holder attached for brushes, etc! Great idea. Cover a flat cookie sheet with fabric, then attach magnets to the back of make up.

magnetic makeup board & makeup brush holders- I've seen this a lot but today, for the first time, it hit me that hung on the wall it would be totally out of toddler reach!

Magnetic Make-up holder. Attach to wall with 3M Command strips. I am makinging this as soon as we move. Great idea

Magnetic Make-up Board 1.) Cover your magnetic board with pretty paper. 2.) Burn yourself as you glue magnets to the back of your make-up collection 3.) Write categories on little chalkboards so your pretty new board can be ultra-organized TA-DA!

An awesome way to store makeup brushes! Replace the glass in the picture frame with a magnetic sheet and cut small strips of adhesive magnet for the brushes. Doubles as art and storage!

Magnetic make-up board. Finally made one of these! It is the BEST thing ever!

Create additional storage in your bedroom or bathroom with a magnetic makeup holder. Make this project even easier with a cookie sheet, paper, and magnets from your local Dollar Tree store!

Use magnetic paint on a picture frame (not sure what colors it all comes in), cover with lace and BAM! Magnetic board to house makeup, or other items with a magnet

DIY | tiered display stand made from painted metal trays and candle holders. I've seen something similar made with plates. Clever use.

omg I NEED to make myself one of these! Easy, cute, organized AND it would clear up counter space currently taken up by my spread of makeup! lol

DIY Makeup Storage magnetic makeup holder L «

Magnetic makeup board with removable magnetic mirror; hook for eyelash curler; several trays to organize foundation, brushes, mascara, eyeliner and even a tray for hair holders and clips. Also extra hook, from which I hung a bag filled with trial size perfume. Made by Vanessa!

  • courtney lucio

    I did mean to leave LOL up there. I say that at least with laughter with the frustration. Lol. Oh and for your blog..... Another good brand of make up brushes for beginners is Eco tools! :)

  • courtney lucio

    I give up. Nothing is working for me. Between being mom and dad, new salon mgr at different salon, and Cienna in running, I have spent more money in glue than anyone should ever have to spend in a lifetime. The magnets work no glue does and I have all the same palettes. :( I'm just going to admire yours and wish I had one and keep trying to organize my abundance of make up.

  • courtney lucio

    I had a hard time finding magnets strong enough to get things to stay and get the palettes and single shadows (which I have all of the same ones from too faced, Lorac, nars, brushes, settings sprays etc. I even have a magnetic nitro from smashbox but I can't get the magnets to stay on the makeup. help

  • I Married A Doctor

    Trisha Thompson... I bought the metal board at Lowe's. Lowe's and Home Depot have them.

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Much better than digging in my make up bag everyday! Magnetic Make-up board. Cover a sheet of metal with fabric and glue to a frame. Add by delia

DIY magnetic makeup organizer. Saving this for the basic idea, but I'd make some variations. Mason jar brush holder with pebbles maybe? And a smaller frame because I don't have that makeup haha

put magnets on the back of your makeup and stick them to a metal sheet in a frame

This is awesome, but since I only have one bathroom, everyone who comes over would have to see all my makeup. I'd save this for when I have 2 bathrooms, or maybe do it on the inside of a cupboard.

Locker essential: neon pink Magnetic Pen Holder

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magnetic makeup holder

Magnet Makeup Holder. I wish I could be this organized!