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Philostrate. The thing I like about this costume is that it looks like a steampunked servant's outfit...without it looking too much like a maid's outfit.! The black and white give it the feel of servant; but it doesn't make you think "french maid."

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Mother cat ears cat maid outfit maid dress essential Mother Meng COSPLAY ladies pink and white - Taobao

Maid dress up guide by @BlacksheepJZX90 @BlacksheepJZX90 メイド服ってどうなっているのかいまいちわからない そんなコトを先日言われてから 「僕にもそんな頃があったなぁ…」と思って チマチマ描き溜めてたメイド服講座がようやく完成しました 誰か何かの参考になれば幸いです(゚∀゚)

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