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Celtic warrior/adventurer outfit - Note: the puffy sleeves are only puffy if your shoulders and arms aren't so buff that you fill them up! On the plus side, she makes a believable warrior type.


TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #3 Written by RAY FAWKES Art by DANIEL SAMPERE and VICENTE CIFUENTES Cover by RYAN SOOK On sale AUGUST 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T A “Trinity War” tie-in! As both the heroes and the villains continue to hunt Pandora down, she makes a crucial decision involving the Seven Deadly Sins, one that will affect the entire world…


Okay okay, I get that wearing a pretty dress to the Halamshiral would have made climbing trellises and fighting demons slightly more inconvenient, but wouldn’t it be totally worth it to make your LI’s palms sweat? Cullen, I know she’s cute and all, but remember that you lose court approval when you stare dreamily into the Inquisitor’s bosom instead of talking with the nobles.