DIY Crayon Shapes! Kids will love making your own colorful crayons! Great summer activity!

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How To Make Crayons With Food Grade Ingredients - When my toddler started trying to taste test our crayons, I decided to dig a little deeper into the "non-toxic" label. Turns out, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that crayons can contain up to 2-5ppm lead depending on the pigment used, even when the box is labeled non-toxic. That's less than allowed in toys, but more than is allowed in food, so I decided to create a food-grade version using dried veggie powders and spices.

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These cookie cutter crayons are SO PRETTY! What a great way to use up leftover crayon pieces!

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Melt old crayons in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-30 min. I'm gonna use this for earth day to make tiny earth's out of blue & green crayons

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These beautiful crayon stained glass windows are the perfect fall craft (and the best use for those run-down, left over crayons)! Get the full tutorial here:

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Custom t-shirt with crayons and sandpaper.

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