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How to make your own Sea Glass

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Next step was to drill the holes...we had decided to use drawer pulls for the centers, so we drilled our holes the appropriate size to fit their screws....We did break a few glass dishes so practice with a spare. :) What we learned was to make a "guide" hole with a smaller drill bit and then re-drill with the larger one. ...Also there is a fine line between to much pressure and not enough. Oh yes a little water in the bottom of the dish also helps!

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How to drill sea glass. A useful pice of knowledge, since you can make everything from earrings, bracelets and necklaces to mobiles, and wind-chimes, and whatever else you fancy.

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Genius...... for when making glass flowers! Also click on her link for the glass flowers

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Glass tile pendant tutorial

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Ultimate Collection of Free Jewelry Making Projects & Ideas

Learn how to make glass beads like a pro with these 3 FREE jewelry-making projects! #diyjewelry #beads

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